What I am doing now!

In the spirit of the now-page revolution I decided to remove my about page and try this out.

I am anxiously awaiting the return of summer time, baseball, gazing the stars and being outside.

I am working out as many times a week as I can and doing the slow-carb diet to lose a few pounds and mostly to increase my energy level every day.

I am reading as much as I can in our new sauna and loving it.  I just finished Start With Why which might have changed my life and enjoying the recent works of Seth Godin and Martin Fowler.

I am working on my side project, Words For Eternity, and learning a lot of things about software that I missed in the last few years and listening to a lot of great music.

I am spending quality time with my family as much as I can as we all fight through the last few weeks of cold weather.  Aria and I have been spending time playing Max and the Curse of Brotherhood each weekend.

I am two months into a Facebook hiatus and only look at twitter on a very limited basis — and seeing the benefits in my focus level and stress level.

I am carving out a moment of pure fun every day.

Last updated April 2017